4 Tempting Dishes that come right from Shimla to your Plate

Dishes from Shimla- Tempting, flavorful, and mind-boggling!

Rightly said, all the dishes that I am going to mention here are super delicious. One can’t stop at one, once they have the chance to savor it. Picture yourself sitting in some part of Shimla, under those pine trees, in between nature where fresh air is striking on your face, and you holding a hot plate of one of these dishes. That’s something dreamy!

So, here are those dishes that you must definitely try once you are somewhere in Shimla

1. Babru

dishes from shimla
babru-dishes from shimla

You must have eaten Kachoris at your place. And, here you are going to get served with the similar version of that called Babru. The Himachali variation in the kachoris makes it a perfect dish to savor when you are here. Now you might be curious to know about what goes into its making that makes it such an appetizing treat! Well, it a tempting combination of black gram daal paste along with other secret ingredients that together go into the kneaded patties of dough. Later these patties are deep fried and then finally served with chutney, tamarind chutney, to be precise.

2. Gosht

chaa gosht- dishes from shimla

Chha Gosht is what they actually call it. Go for it if you are a fan of lamb meat! But those who love eating lamb will know how soul soothing this Gosht is. They prepare it using gram flour and yogurt along with all other spices including coriander, chillies, bay leaves, ginger garlic, and many other secret ingredients that make lamb meat super tempting.

Hey, Non-veggies, this one is worth a try!

3. Maash Dal

maash ki daal- dishes from shimla

We all know how it is prepared, but when in Himachal, they have their hidden ingredients and recipe that turns overnight soaked kaali daal into something super delicious. The tadka is done with mustard oil, generally, and finely cut and chopped onions, tomatoes, garlic, ginger, and different spices go into its making. The dal tastes delicious and is served with rice and chapattis.

4. Sidu

dishes from shimla
dishes from shimla- sidu

Some prepare the kneaded wheat using yeast while others let the dough sit for a day in hot temperature. For stuffing, they take mashed boiled green peas, paneer, peanuts, and quite a few more ingredients, which is then served with ghee, dal, and homemade chutney.

So, hey folks, go ahead and taste these dishes from Shimla on your next trip to this place.

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